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Product information "Recovery Active"

After your intensive workouts and competitions, a supply of carbohydrates, protein and fluid is an essential key to your recovery. RECOVERY ACTIVE Regeneration Drink is designed for use directly after exercise to not only supply your muscles with protein, but also help replenish your energy tanks (glycogen stores) with carbohydrates.

There is a small hole in the foil seal under the lid of all our powder cans. This hole is necessary and is designed to prevent the can from warping by equalising any pressure during transport. It does not compromise the quality of our products in any way.

Suggested usage
Take 1 portion per day, immediately after exercise.Mixing Instructions (1 portion): Mix 55 g (approx. 3 measuring spoons - included) with 200 ml of water.As part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
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