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eat and drink your way to success

Sports and nutrition go hand in hand. After all, without the right sports nutrition, you will never be able to achieve your best performance. Whether you are a professional athlete or fitness fanatic, the food you eat will have a critical influence on your wellbeing, your physical fitness and your ability to recover after sport. That’s why every training session and every competition always starts and ends in the kitchen.

Before, during and after sport: 

Nutrition makes you fit!

We always want to achieve our best performance in sport. To do this, we need to make sure that our carbohydrate stores in our muscles and liver are topped up before intense and long-lasting bouts of exercise. Achieving the right balance of fluids is even more important for athletes than for non-athletes. This means that, when it comes to drinking the right amount of fluids, sports nutrition strategies start before the exercise even begins. Athletes need to stay hydrated to ensure the right fluid balance. To maintain performance over several hours of physical activity, the body needs three things at regular intervals: liquid, energy (in the form of carbohydrates) and minerals (sodium). Special sports nutrition products, such as isotonic drinks and bars and gels that are high in carbohydrates, are particularly suitable here. It is essential that the energy source can be used quickly by the body and that the water and sodium lost through sweating can be rapidly replaced.

Maximising recovery and making training adjustments are also an important part of sports nutrition. If you want to feel fit and ready to go again quickly after sport, you should compensate for lost fluids straight after intense physical activity and top up your carbohydrate stores. Since our metabolism stays elevated after exercise, glycogen stores are boosted particularly rapidly by our intake of carbohydrates. The muscles also need protein in order to repair and develop. So, it's very important not to forget the right kind of nutrition after exercise! A smart nutrition strategy will enable you to achieve your best physical and mental performance in sport. The right diet also helps with the recovery process and minimises the risk of illness and injury. In short, top performances are usually only possible when athletes get their eating and drinking right.

Easy to digest, easy to eat: 

Top products for sports nutrition

What makes a good sports nutrition product? Good sports nutrition products, like Powerbar, are developed to be easily digestible throughout any form of exercise. They come ready to eat or can be prepared with minimum effort and of course need to be easy to consume. This makes it much easier for athletes to take in the optimum combination of nutrients in the right quantity, at the right time and in the best quality.