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Product information "Energize Original"
So that you can give your everything in intense training and competition, your energy tanks should not only be replenished before exercise, but during exercise you should also regularly supply your body with carbohydrates. Powerbar developed the world's first carbohydrate bar in 1986. The original Energize bar is a great carbohydrate choice in solid form, yet still easy to chew. It provides you with high-quality carbohydrates in a carbohydrate ratio of 2:1 of glucose and fructose sources and supports the mineral balance with sodium and magnesium.

All Powerbar products are included in the Cologne List®, and as a result we can offer athletes even more security and trust.


Carbohydrate bar with oat flakes, fruit preparation, with added sodium and magnesium for athletes – Banana flavour

Fructose-glucose syrup, fruit preparation (13%) [sugar, fructose syrup, banana puree (3%), apple puree from puree concentrate, rice flour, cocoa butter, gelling agent (pectin), acid (citric acid), natural flavouring, acid regulator (tripotassium citrate)], maltodextrin, OAT flakes (11%), MILK protein, rice crispies (rice flour, sugar, WHEAT gluten, sunflower oil, malted BARLEY flour, salt), ALMOND paste, sodium citrate, rapeseed oil, magnesium carbonate, natural flavouring, salt.
Suggested usage
1-3 bars / day.
Take as required 1 bar with fluid during the last hour before exercise and/or in regular intervals during exercise.
As part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Nutrition informations
Nutrition Informationper 100 gper bar (55 g)
Energy kJ (kcal)1560 (368)859 (203)
Fat4,0 g2,2 g
of which saturates 0,6 g0,3 g
Carbohydrate 72 g39 g
of which sugars43 g23 g
Protein11 g5,8 g
Salt0,95 g0,53 g
Magnesium138 mg (37%*)76,1 mg (20%*)
Sodium380 mg210 mg

* % Nutrient reference value

All Powerbar products are shown in the Cologne List®, and as a result we can offer athletes even more security and trust. The Cologne List® is one of the leading service platforms that list sports nutrition products tested for prohibited substances under strict certification processes.

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