The evolution of Powerbar

Since our foundation 35 years ago, we have developed further and continuously improved. With this change, we are taking a further step into our new future. A future for our community and our environment.

For the love of sport. Since 1986.

For more than 35 years, Powerbar has been helping athletes and performers from all over the world to reach their objectives and to realise their dreams. For this, we have been combining high-quality ingredients with good taste and our years of nutritional science know-how for high-energy sport nutrition since 1986 – so that all those who want to achieve more can develop their full potential. Regardless of whether they are professional sportsman, leisure-time athletes or everyday performers.

Born from passion

In sport, just like everyday life, things don't always go smoothly from the start. But since the first day, we have regarded setbacks as challenges. We use unreached objectives as an urge to challenge our own performance and always to question the status quo. Failures inspire and motivate us to think unconventionally, to create new things and to outgrow ourselves. In brief: we find undiscovered, sometimes unexpected ways of achieving our objectives.

Challenging the status quo

That characterises us – and that is exactly how the Powerbar story started: more than 35 years ago, a Canadian long-distance runner suffered a so-called bonk during a marathon. With empty energy tanks and no chance of filling them up again during the race, the Canadian long-distance runner had to give up after 34 kilometres. As an ambitious endurance athlete, he did not simply want to accept this situation – his ambition was aroused. He looked for possibilities of keeping his performance on the highest level with the correct nutrition for long distances

Unconventional Creator

At that time, performance nutrition did not exist. He recognised what was needed and took the opportunity of creating something new himself – for himself and other athletes. His objective: developing the perfect recipe for a high-energy and nevertheless easily digested snack. His inventive spirit and his endeavour for more resulted in the first Powerbar – born in 1986, the first bar weighed 65 grams and was a proud 12 cm "big". In this way, a Canadian long-distance runner paved the way for a completely new category: he invented performance nutrition

Distribution by conviction

Powerbar also quickly left its first footprints in Europe. In 1992, a European sales network was set up and only 4 years later, the European headquarters in Munich opened. And that is where we are still at home and look after Powerbar far across the European borders in the meantime. Since we opened our own production in Voerde on the Lower Rhine in 2002, Europe has increasingly become the world-wide control centre for Powerbar.

Continuous further development

Powerbar never stands still. Our objective is guaranteeing our athletes the best quality of our products, always and everywhere. For this, we opened an additional production location in Voerde, North Rhine-Westphalia, in 2002. In this way, we always have our sights on the entire value-added chain and thus the quality of our products. Inspired by our community, which permanently further develops, we keep working on the further development of our products. In this way, we create new standards and aim for higher objectives together.

Where we are now

Our range of products, the designs and the flavours have further developed in the recent years. The result is outstanding bars, innovative gels, high-performance powders and much more besides. What has remained is our objective of supporting our athletes in always eating the right thing at the right time. Whenever and wherever they need our support – we supply the quality for which Powerbar has been known and appreciated worldwide for more than three decades.

The time for change is now!

In the history of Powerbar, we have experienced a number of different challenges. Hard, painful, long-lasting ones. Not rarely, they left sweat, tears or even scars. However, the challenges have never been so large as they are now. Our world is in a worrying unrest. Climate crisis, social injustices or a lack of equal treatment, just to mention a few challenges. But we are not giving up! We have a positive view of the future! It is never too late for changes.

Let us act!

We are living in a time which demands that we leave our comfort zone and act. Let us stop focusing on ourselves too much. Let us aim our view at our environment, let us redefine performance together.

Meet the new Powerbar

Wir streben danach, die beste Version unserer selbst zu sein. Für euch – unsere Community – und für unseren Planeten. Dafür haben wir uns neue Ziele gesetzt. Du willst wissen, wo die Reise hingeht? Dann begleite uns auf unserem Weg. 

Meet the new Powerbar