Meet the new Powerbar.

We have changed some things and are very pleased to be able to present our new website to you at last. We are eager to see how you like it!

Change is here: Discover the new Powerbar.

You are the first people to see our new website and we are proud of being able to welcome you here as a part of our community. The world around us is changing - and we too notice that it is time for a change. Venturing a new step is often difficult, but we see this challenge as a chance of creating something new, something better. For you, our community and our planet.

Sebastian Kienle

Performance is something that you get respected for. 

Powerbar’s DNA is still the same:

Even if we have developed further over the years and have great plans, one thing remains unchanged: our DNA. Questioning the status quo and recognising and using potential where others back away from limitation has always been and always will remain a part of Powerbar.

Was ist Performance?

In the past decades, performance primarily meant becoming quicker, stronger and fitter. In this context, we fought against physical and mental borders and overcame visible and invisible barriers. This understanding is not wrong. However, it is not a holistic description of performance.

Performance also means:

Conscious action and thinking: performance goes further than winning competitions. Our performance is also defined by responsible action towards our fellow human beings and our environment.

Cooperation and community: performance does not only revolve around your own ego. It is a question of "us". Our differences are precious and let us learn from one another, with the result that we become stronger and stronger together.

Accessibility: performance is not an area in which only top-class sportsmen can be found. Performance is accessible for all those who want to achieve more.

Let us redefine performance together!

Together we think

of a new future

All of us are confronted with changes in our lives. Changes which are not always simple. Nevertheless, they open up possibilities of creating something new and outgrowing ourselves.

We know that what we do today decides on what our world will look like tomorrow. This is why we want to do everything possible in order to create a world of which we can be proud together.

Step by step to reach the goal:

It is not a question of being perfect from the start. Changes are a process which takes place step by step. The decisive thing is accepting responsibility and overcoming borders and assuming responsibility. At the same time, we will be sincere and self-critical if our current procedure does not yet fulfil the high claims to our future

Our mission is combining maximum quality with responsible action. We will share our small and large steps, but also our failures, with you openly and with complete transparency.

The world is changing

However, the framework conditions are no longer the same. In the history of Powerbar, we have experienced many differing challenges. Hard, painful, long-lasting ones. Not rarely, they left sweat, tears or even scars. However, the challenges have never been so large as they are now. Our world is in a worrying unrest. Climate crisis, social injustices or a lack of equal treatment, just to mention a few of the many acute hotspots with a view to the environment and society.

Time to redefine performance

In the midst of all these challenges of modern times, we have become witnesses of how important creativity, unity and physical and mental strength are when it is a question of reacting in a suitable way and finding the correct answers. The outstanding reactions by the people who we have been able to observe open up a new dimension of performance which goes a long way further than winning competitions. Powerbar will always remain a performance brand - but it is time to question the category of sport nutrition and to establish a new understanding of performance.

Our stages that bring us closer to our goal:

Sustainable packages:

Together with our partner RePaq, we have developed a plastic-free and garden-compostable foil solution for our bars. The first offer in the new packaging is the Protein Soft Layer. All the other bars will follow as quickly as possible

Vegan organic products:

From April 2022, we will be offering our new "True Organic Oat" and "True Organic Protein" bars. The bars are vegan and are manufactured exclusively with bio-certified ingredients. Both products have been certified as climate-neutral and are covered with our new plastic-free, compostable foil

Palm oil free and collagen free Products:

From now on, we are doing without use of palm oil and collagen in the manufacture of all our new products.

Garden-compostable packaging

Our plastic-free cellulose packaging is 100% biologically degradable. You can dispose of it on the compost with no worries. In a natural environment, it is 100% garden-compostable in about 90 days and will have disappeared after this time. If you don't have a compost, you can naturally also dispose of the packaging via normal refuse. It contains no microplastic and no toxic gases are caused when the refuse is combusted

Our promise

With delicious products, we support all performers who want to achieve more and are willing to cross their borders to do so. Be it competition, training or everyday life.

Our products, which are manufactured in our own production locations or by selected European partners, provide the perfect balance of healthy, local and functional nutrition, which helps our community to make complete use of its total physical and mental potential. We have the claim of increasingly optimising our products in their sustainability.

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