Back Workout - A Spine That’s Mighty Fine

In Germany there is a saying: “Ein schöner Rücken kann auch entzücken”, which basically means a nice back can endear as well. What sounds like an empty phrase is proven by every athlete because a well trained back is not just pretty, it also prevents you from chronic back pain.
Back pain does not only come with age but can also be caused by the overstraining of muscles or simply because of a lack of back muscles. To prevent this,  a few tips for your back workout by PowerBar.

The most important muscle groups are in the shoulders, the lower back and the bottom. In the following you’ll find an exercise for each one of these muscle groups: 


Lower Back



The most important function of the lower back area is to keep the body upright and to stabilise the back. The spinal erectors help to straighten the spine. To train this muscle group lay down on your belly. Now set up your toes, flex the thighs and the bottom and then push yourself up on the elbows into a plank. Hold the elbows in a right angle and try to hold your thumbs facing upward. Always look down on the floor to keep the spine straight. It is very important to not overstrain your back into a hollow back position. Hold the plank for one minute, pause for a while and then hold again for another minute.


Rear Shoulder Muscles



Say good-bye to your stoop, because this workout prevents a hump. A great exercise for the strengthening of these muscles are reverse flys. They mostly target the strengthening of the rear part of the deltoid muscle and the middle part of the trapezius muscle.
Take a dumbbell into every hand and stand in shoulder width. If you don’t have any dumbbells you can also use full water bottles or heavy books. Now bend your knees and lean forward with the upper body so that it is parallel to the floor, arms hanging down. 

With the exhalation bring up the dumbbells with extended arms on each side. If you bring your arms up towards your head, you’ll almost solely train the rear shoulder. If you press the shoulder blades together, you will train especially the trapezius muscle. 


The Bug Gluteal Muscle 


The big gluteal muscle is the strongest extensor muscle of the hip joint and therefore essential when it comes to the extension of your upper body. To train this body part, lay down on your back first. Then set up your legs in a 45° angle. Stand in shoulder width with your feet facing forward, the arms lying relaxed besides your body. In a first step push up the bottom and make sure that the upper back lays flat on the mat. Hold this position for one to two minutes. In a second step lift one foot and slowly extend that leg. The hip should not rotate while doing this. Keep the knees together. 


General advice for your back workout: 

  • Warm up before each workout to prevent injuries.
  • Train on a regular basis to achieve noticeable success.
  • Perform the exercises precisely to prevent overstraining.
  • In the case of constant back pain you should consult a doctor.


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