05.12.18 7 min. temps de lecture
When it comes to sport, nutrition and success are closely linked. Four top athletes from different disciplines reveal what they eat to perform their best.
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14.11.18 6 min. temps de lecture
Training? Fitness? Wellbeing? Without sufficient and regular sleep, you can forget about them all! Give your body and mind the rest they need to perform well.
26.10.18 4 min. temps de lecture
Protein is important for a healthy and active body. The trend surrounding high protein foods is still ongoing. But where exactly are proteins hidden and in which amounts?
08.10.18 7 min. temps de lecture
Exclusive interview with Sebastian Kienle right before the Triathlon World Championships 2018 in Hawai’i!
28.09.18 4 min. temps de lecture
Freezing water temperatures und 6.000 metres of total altitude – the Austria eXtreme Triathlon is not for the faint hearted. Right, Claudia Müller?
06.09.18 4 min. temps de lecture
The passionate hobby cyclist Sophie Wittmann gave it another shot: Would she find success at the Ötztal Cycle Marathon this year after missing the mark last year? Although her preparation was right, in the end the Ötzi once again got the better of Sophie.
15.08.18 5 min. temps de lecture
Protein, carbohydrates, caffeine. Before the Ötztal Cycle marathon, Sophie Wittmann talks to a nutrition expert in order to optimally prepare.
03.08.18 5 min. temps de lecture
In preparation for the Ötztal Cycle Marathon Sophie Wittmann meets with bike expert Marcel Wüst and gets training tips for hobby cyclists.
31.07.18 5 min. temps de lecture
Having the correct bike settings is a decisive factor for a successful race. Learn tips from the professional bike fitting session Sophie Wittmann got before the Ötztal Cycle Marathon.
26.07.18 5 min. temps de lecture
Sophie Wittmann is a passionate hobby racing cyclist and had to give up her Ötztal Cycle Marathon dream in 2017. She will tackle it again in 2018.
25.07.18 5 min. temps de lecture
Protein allows you to gain muscle mass. Read our tips for combining protein powder with delicious ingredients to ensure variety in your diet and nutrition!
27.06.18 7 min. temps de lecture
Do you start your mornings with exercise and fitness? Or do you prefer to kick off the day with nutrition? Learn how to build a morning workout routine.