05.05.17 6 min read
In Germany there is a saying: “Ein schöner Rücken kann auch entzücken”, which basically means a nice back can endear as well. What sounds like an empty phrase is proven by every athlete.
14.04.17 6 min read
In order to successfully complete a multi-day stage cycling race like the Tour de France, specific training and also the genetic prerequisites are very important. In addition to these factors, the right carbohydrate and fluid strategy is probably one of the most important factors for a successful performance in the race.
09.03.17 9 min read
Every runner knows this feeling: The longer you run at a rapid pace, the more you run out of air. Immediately your body gives you the payback: the stitches start. In the worst case we get frustrated and stop running. It is often forgotten that you can train the right breathing technique as well as the mental preparation. Yoga exercises are excellently suited for this kind of training. They entail a balance and strength training through which your running training will be even more effective. They help you to maintain your balance while strengthening your core and thus make your running training even more effective.
02.02.17 7 min read
Your shoe slips, it's too loose or it presses against your foot. However, the right lacing often provides the perfect remedy. So the right shoe can become the perfect shoe!