Killer kebab in the digestive tract

Faris and the Pitfalls of Fast Food

Not everything that tastes good is a perfect energy booster before a 7 km run. Faris Al Sultan, a former professional triathlete and IRONMAN world champion, learnt this the hard way when his craving for something satisfying overcame him before his run in Kaufering.

Faris :“As a young athlete you can take quite a lot: sleeping almost anywhere, on an uncomfortable bed or no bed at all, and constant overtraining. Even with food you’re virtually indestructible. 

Anyone who has seen a horde of 18-year-old triathletes storm a hotel buffet will know what I’m talking about. Four Mars bars and two litres of cola on your bike, a whole pack of sandwich biscuits for supper and cold pizza with cola for breakfast. That was me: half a chicken when out on my bike or a family sized packs of sweets ... the mere thought today gives me indigestion.
But even for me there were limits!
On my way to a 7 km run in Kaufering the hunger hit me and I decided to stop at a kebab shop, ordering a whole doner kebab with all the trimmings and chilli sauce on top. It was about two hours before the run and also a KILLER for my digestion. 

On warming up the raw onion and chilli flakes worked their way back up to my throat, but luckily slipped back down again as I was waiting for the starter pistol. When it finally fired and I tried to push myself to the limit, however, the mix of meat, onions and chilli rose into my throat and forced me into a crawl. Though I managed to keep the kebab down, the same could be said for my speed. So the race was run and I had learnt a valuable lesson.

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