The Triple M

As a road racing cyclist, Marcel is known for always going the extra mile. Regardless of how hard the challenge, he always gives his all – and that’s equally true with his muffins, in which he transforms vanilla and chocolate into an unbeatable taste combination.



Energize muffin type: Chocolate
Caramel Vanilla



Several small handfuls of macadamia nuts

2 ½ bars of Kinder chocolate (optional)



1. Prepare the two muffin mixes according to the instructions on the packet, but separately in two bowls.

2. Take both bowls and combine the mixtures into one marbled mass as in a marble cake (you can let your imagination run wild when making marble cakes).

3. Add a small handful of macadamia nuts (whole or chopped, depending on your preference) to each muffin. 

4. Optional: Add 1/5 of a bar of Kinder chocolate to each muffin (in this version, add a very small amount of water for mixing).

5. Now add finely chopped macadamia nuts on top.

6. Bake according to the package instructions, and then leave to cool briefly. And ta-da! The Triple M is ready!




There’s not much left to say... They’re delicious – just try them as soon as possible!

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