No Muffin Master has yet fallen from the sky ...

... as “hard work and discipline are the way to achieve your goals” and “if you believe in yourself, goals become reality!” These are the mottos of the Raelerts, two brothers who have already added a number of victories to their competitive account.

So nothing could really go wrong with their muffins à la Raelert.

It didn’t take them long to come up with a strategy for the “competition”: instinctively stoic (if they had stuck to their mottos).

For without referring to the instructions they were as quick as a flash, to the effect: the faster we go, the sooner we finish and become the clear Muffin Master.

Your preferred Energize Muffin range: Caramel Vanilla (so far, so good)

Your ingredients: Blueberries and nuts For a variation in taste. (the bigger the variety, the greater the inspiration for everyone)

But on the final straight came the fatal error ...
setting the oven to 250°C instead of 180°C top/bottom heat according to the INSTRUCTIONS

The muffins looked deflated afterwards, just like a pro after a triathlon. But this didn’t bother the Raelert brothers at all, as the muffins still tasted fine – and in any case the energy content was right.