31.01.20 5 min read
Quirin Herterich is a slackliner and always looking for new, more extreme places to pursue his passion. In his first own film project "Connecting Islands"*, the 25-year-old makes the first-ever attempt to stretch a slackline between the island of Sardinia and the offshore "Pan di Zucchero". Quirin describes this unique experience for PowerBar.
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31.01.20 4 min read
Simone Bronnhuber and Tom Fritzmeier push their boards and their legs to the limit while setting a world record. Inside a volcano crater at nearly 6,000 meters altitude. With a stand-up paddle board. Here’s how they still missed the ultimate crown jewel.
09.07.19 5 min read
To Johannes Moll Trail Running is more than a sport – it’s his passion. Exclusively for PowerBar he has put together his very personal Trail Running ABC with lots of advice, impressions and valuable information, not only for gifted trail runners but for beginners as well as.
21.06.19 3 min read
Obstacle Runs are equally popular with recreational and ambitious athletes. Professional runner Charles Franzke gives valuable tips and tricks to help make your next Obstacle Run a complete success.
03.06.19 3 min read
It is almost not possible to think of everyday life without the stimulating effects of caffeine: a cup of coffee in the morning, at least for some of us, kick starts the day. Also, in the world of sport for many years caffeine is known as a performance booster.
15.05.19 4 min read
There is no way past the right sports nutrition strategy if you are chasing a new personal best: the intake of the right nutrients at the right time is crucial. Be a step ahead of your competitors – at least when it comes to nutrition!
03.05.19 3 min read
It's quite simple: Just make your own ice-cream. Without a blender! You don't need any electronic devices aside from a freezer or a freezing compartment. Recovery can be pretty cool.
09.04.19 5 min read
A lot has been written and discussed about carbohydrates recently. One thing however is certain: those who want to be able to call on their full performance potential, especially during prolonged activities, require the appropriate intake of carbohydrates. In the following text you find out why this macronutrient is so important and how it can optimally be used during exercise!
21.03.19 4 min read
Who’s not familiar with this: the body should look more defined or in the context of preparation for the competition season the weight needs to come down to the optimal competition weight. But what is the most effective way of getting rid of those unnecessary ‘love handles’ without negatively affecting physical performance?
06.03.19 3 min read
Nuts are not only healthy, but also very practical and extremely versatile: they are very popular as a snack, topping or ingredient for many dishes and tasty treats. And rightly so! With approximately a handful of nuts per day you can do something good for your body – here we tell you why!
19.12.18 5 min read
Making good resolutions is easy for you yet implementing them is the difficulty? Not with us! Since changing only a few small parts in your diet, you can achieve great effects. Our nutrition advice is there to help you.
05.12.18 7 min read
When it comes to sport, nutrition and success are closely linked. Four top athletes from different disciplines reveal what they eat to perform their best.
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