A new twist on a classic

There’s certainly one thing Sebi shows us with his muffin recipe: his skills aren’t just limited to the triathlon. Even when baking, he leaves nothing to chance and hones in on THE formula for success: less is more. 



Energize muffin type: Chocolate



1 handful of dried banana flakes 

70-80 ml of water per sachet of baking mix (less than specified in the instructions; resulting in a more solid consistency)



1. Add the water and the contents of the muffin sachet into a shaker and shake well until the dough becomes gooey.

2. Place the paper muffin cases provided into a muffin pan and divide the muffin dough across the individual moulds.

3. Now add the banana flakes and fold them into the dough with a spoon. Don’t forget to have a nibble on a few banana flakes before putting the muffins into the preheated oven.

4. After 12 minutes, check if the muffins are done (toothpick test) and if necessary leave in the oven for a little longer if they are not yet baked.



These muffins are not just really easy, they’re also ready to eat in record time. So if you ever need a few muffins in a hurry to keep your energy up, you’ve got the right recipe right here!