Treat yourself to a cup of muffin

The Power Choc Mugcake by Edu and Jokin

There’s not much to say about the recipe: it’s amazingly simple, perhaps even the simplest ever! The hardest part is picking the right “packaging” – cup, mug or glass? That’s quite a tricky one. 

But they have even mastered these challenges brilliantly, and the photos definitely make you want to try them out yourself. So get your spoon ready!


Energize Muffin variety: Chocolate

133 g Energize Muffin Powder Mix
80 ml water
80 g oat flakes
(we like to be precise!)


  1. Pour the chocolate muffin mix and water into an 8 cm deep microwave dish.

  2. Stir the mixture thoroughly with a spoon (filling the air with the aroma of chocolate!)

  3. Add the oat flakes and keep stirring to get a smooth consistency.

  4. Now put the “mug” in the microwave on high for 45-60 seconds.

  5. Leave to cool for a couple of minutes!
    Further information: If baking in the oven – 175°C for 18 minutes.

If you want to know what other recipes Edu and Jokin have up their sleeves, take a look at their blog on